Schnauzer Savers Rescue

Schnauzer Savers Rescue is a Southeastern US 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding forever homes for Schnauzers and other non-shedding dogs.

We are given dogs by owners who no longer can care for their loved one. We are also notified by public authorities when they see a Schnauzer among a group of dogs needing help.

Our staff, both professional and volunteer, routinely travel throughout the Southeast to rescue wonderful, deserving-to-be-loved-in-a-permanent-home Schnauzers!

A schnauzer client

A family photo

Our Mission

Our mission and passion is to rescue homeless pets out of the shelters and into loving homes, to rehabilitate and educate the general public about the importance of spay/neuter to reduce population of the cruel realities of the dog breeding industry. We are a group of volunteers who spend our time, our funds, and our hearts to transition these precious dogs from poor health, neglect, and rejection to a loving home; as good food and love opens their hearts to trust and accept love again.

A client photo

A family photo

A Tribute to Our Founders

Schnauzer Savers Rescue was founded by Michael and Karen Rudolph as their love of animals began from an early age bringing home stray dogs. As they grew and moved through life, they met and married, Schnauzers became the breed to save and thus; Schnauzer Savers Rescue was born.

In 2003/04, Michael had been deployed to Iraq to serve our country with over 28 years of service, but unfortunately sustained serious life changing brain damage. The Rudolph’s packed up from Florida and moved to southwest Tennessee. Health issues didn’t slow Michael down and the rescue burst with dogs needing their help with them saving over 4,100 dogs. In 2011 Karen and Michael made it official with Schnauzer Savers Rescue obtaining their 501c3. In 2014 as Mike’s health declined, the need to be closer to the best medical care was urgent.

Karen and Michael Rudolph

Karen and Michael Rudolph

In 2012, Dale and Angie Clarke came on board as volunteers to expand into North Carolina. The Clarkes grew into larger roles as Mike’s health declined further. Mike passed September 2018. In January 2021 Karen retired with her own health issues.

God called on Karen and Mike to help and save lives. They spent their time, energy, personal funding, and gave their lives to be the voices of the animals. We thank Karen and Mike for their love and dedication to Schnauzer Savers Rescue.

The Clarke’s, along with MANY volunteers now carry their legacy to build Schnauzer Savers Rescue. We have saved over 6500 dogs to date.

Happy Tails

Our organization exists to help dogs! Help them get healthy! Help them find a permanent, loving home.

We are delighted to share successful rescue stories.

Sweet Sadie


Dear Sweet Sadie!

Sadie was an owner surrender.

Her back story was a relative picked her up from the street in Oklahoma and brought her to Florida to visit family and left Sadie.  She had sores, bald spots, fleas, terrible breath and her eyes were lifeless.

Our volunteer Charlotte gave her sulfur baths every other day and although the entire house would smell like rotten eggs, the baths were soothing and healing.  Parasites gone, lumps removed and her coat growing back, this 12 year old gal had some skip in her step.

Charlotte drove her to Griffin, Georgia to meet a couple who wanted to adopt her. They met at a hotel parking lot that had a very small dog park.

Charlotte recalls the wife looking at her husband saying are you sure you want THIS dog.  Charlotte will never forget, he smiled and said,  “Absolutely, she’s my little princess.”

The couple adopted Saide, and over time Charlotte received pictures of Sadie lounging in deck chairs, sleeping with her fur brother and being loved.

Sadie lived another year and a half and her picture still makes us smile because her last days were so good for her.

Sweet Sadie the 2nd!

Another Sweet Sadie!

This little gal was tagged by SSR from a shelter indicating she was picked up by Animal Control on the side of a highway.  The shelter believed she had laid by the road for almost a week, deep road rash burns and unable to put weight on her back leg.

She was microchipped, owner said she had jumped from their car, but were not interested in paying for her surgeries.

SSR stepped up and with lots of love and care placing oil on her road rash burns, good food and our hero Ortho Surgeon performed an FHO surgery for her broken pelvis.

A wonderful adopted her and she has a fur sister, a full life running like she never was injured.

We just love her face.

Sadie the 2nd!