About Schnauzer Savers

Schnauzer Savers Rescue is a Southeastern US 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding forever homes for Schnauzers and other non-shedding dogs.

Please contact us with offers of support, questions, or comments.

Key Team Members

Angie Clarke – Director

” I am a Christian, and therefore all I do is by the Glory of God,” says Angie. “He allows me to be able to find, love and place all the animals which come to us. With God, all things are possible, without God my life has no meaning.”

Angie has been saving dogs and finding homes for Schnauzers for over 29 years. She has worked with numerous rescues taking action ranging from transporting to fostering to placement to coming to join Schnauzer Saver Rescue with Mike and Karen Rudolph in 2010.

Angie is from NC and currently lives with her husband Dale and grandson Jaxson in Durham, NC. After joining SSR, she and the Rudolph’s became very close friends. Upon Karen’s medical retirement she came to Angie and her husband, Dale, to take over and run SSR with the love, dedication and compassion they have always shown.

“I will drive hours or across states to save lives,” promises Angie. “My passion is to find a home for every dog without a forever home…..I may not be able to save them all, but I can save one at the time.”

“I am dedicated to finding homes for all the souls who need love and patience,” Angie explains. “We take in mostly non shed breeds but my heart is to nurture a life which needs to be saved.”

Nurturing a life is Angie’s passion as she had a career in the medical.   She dedicates her time to not only animals in need but also to humans in need.

“I intend to run this rescue not only as a Director but as a partner to all who want to join us,” Angie explains. “I will always do my best to carry on the legacy of Mike and Karen Rudolph as well as to put my own touch on things in hopes of the rescue growing and becoming even better.”