Before You Bring a Pet Into Your Home

A Rescue Client

Schnauzer Savers Rescue, INC

Working with rescue or volunteering at an animal shelter, we hear so many different reasons why people need to surrender their pets. Moving, allergies, escaping constantly, divorce, biting, nippy, chasing the kids, barking, toileting in the house, can’t afford – grooming, wellness, parasite control, surgery, to really want a female/male, want to try a different breed, etc.

It is amazing to us to read or social media or hear a person say, I just bought or adopted a dog, what do I feed him, how do I potty train him, what is crate training? What? Bringing a living, breathing animal into your care needs research and commitment!

So before you purchase, adopt or foster an animal:

Number 1. Research the breed before you commit. Taking a cute puppy home not providing any drive satisfaction of the breed’s genetic makeup of specific desires and needs come out. For instance the herding breeds are bred to bite and run, if not given the proper outlet for these – kids get bit and dogs run away.

Number 2.  It is a life commitment.  If you are dating someone who doesn’t like animals, fussy about picking up poop, brushing dog hair from your clothes, you are a traveler; get a pet where it’s natural needs fit with yours.

Number 3.  Do not get a pet in the hopes of it curing your loneliness, pick up feature to meet potential dates, want to experience all that gladness when you come home – it’s just selfish.

Number 4.  Do your research on how much a pet costs.  If you don’t want shedding or you are allergic, getting an animal that doesn’t shed means it MUST be groomed. Some breeds are prone to certain health issues – if you cannot afford good quality food, parasite control, regular wellness trips to the vet, an annual dental that requires anesthesia; do not get a pet.  There are little to no assistant programs to help individuals with pet care.  Instead, volunteer to walk, feed or just give love to a needy animal at the shelter, donate, donate, donate, or volunteer to be a transport person.

Number 5.  Spay and Neuter, Spay and Neuter, Spay and Neuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But no matter what the reason real or exaggerated or untrue, rescue takes them into their homes to learn, correct and adjust behaviors, diet and discipline to enable them to live out their precious lives with love and security to a person or family who understand the unconditional love of an animal is as deep and sometimes deeper than the love of a human.