Schnauzer Fostering


First, let us say “Welcome, New Foster Parents” to Schnauzer Savers Rescue, Inc. 😉

We appreciate your wanting to help our rescue by fostering these precious Schnauzers and other non-shed breeds. Below, you will find guidelines for fostering. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  Thank you again and WELCOME !!!!!

Where Do Foster Schnauzers and Non-shed Breeds Come From?

Foster dogs come from numerous places but the 4 most common ones are: Animal Shelters, Owner Surrender, found strays, and other rescue groups who wish for their rescue dog to go to a breed specific rescue. We try to have fosters in all areas of the state, but that is not always possible. If a dog needs to be pulled from the shelter in your area, we may ask you to do this. If there is an Owner Surrender in your area, we will ask you to contact them to make arrangements to get the animal. We try to keep it limited to your area, but there may be times when we ask if you can drive and meet someone to pick up a foster.



What If The Foster Does Not Get Along With My Own Dog?

If for some reason the foster you have is not getting along with your dog/dogs, then we will try to move them to another foster home close to you. We will let you and the new foster home work out the transportation issues unless it is a very long distance, in which case, please speak with Angie email

Vetting Your Foster

Vetting consists of 6 standard things:

  1. Thorough exam
  2. Heartworm test
  3. Fecal to test for parasites
  4. Rabies /Vaccines/Bordetella
  5. Spay or neuter surgery
  6. Dental, if needed

We strive to have all testing done at the time of receipt of the dog into rescue.

If the foster dog you receive has other medical issues, needs a dental and spay or neuter, we will work with you to schedule these surgeries.

We request that you speak with your vet and any others in your area to see if they would be willing to work with SSR by discounting their fees (501(c)(3) non-profit approval letter provided) and if so, what prices they would be willing to give us on the above mentioned services or any other medical expense that may be incurred. We will compare those prices to other vets we use but we may not have a choice if that is the closest vet to you. Ideally, we will not have to spend a lot on the majority of our dogs which offsets the cost of the dogs we take in that do require surgery or a lot of vetting.

SSR prefers to pay for our services at the time of each visit. All vet appointments are to have prior authorization from SSR. We prefer to pay for the treatments over the phone by Credit Card. Please have vet contact Angie once procedures are completed to garner reports and submit payment.

Some fosters homes choose to pay for some things themselves in order to have a charitable deduction for their taxes, but the only thing we ask the foster home to pay for is food and maybe a grooming, if possible. If the dog has to be on a Prescription food, SSR would cover the cost.

What Does The Foster Parent Pay For?

Daily food and care for the foster. We ask if you are able to pay for a grooming or two. If you are not able to provide the grooming, please let Angie know ahead of time before you take them to the groomers.

How Do I Get My Foster Dog Adopted?

After you foster a dog for a short time and learn their needs and their personalities, we rely on you to inform us as to what you feel would be the best fit for that particular dog. We always try to find the most perfect match, but sometimes that is not always possible. Filling out the evaluation form for each dog is imperative to us finding the right fit. We tend to foster our dogs longer than other rescues, but we also do not have very many dogs returned, which is our goal.

When you get your foster and have a handle on what type of home would best fill that dog’s needs, it would be great if you would write a short biography about the foster including name, age, weight, all vetting, house training, crate training, leash training, good with cats, other dogs, kids, and email that along with 4 excellent photos of the dog including one close up face shot, one sitting shot, one standing from the side and one sitting from the side.

All applications, personal and vet references are reviewed as they are received. After SSR has spoken with the applicants and a video or home visit is complete, SSR will contact you and discuss the potential adopter as to their suitability for your foster dog. Once you have shared your impressions with us, we will make the decision as to whether they are the home we want to adopt the dog. At that time, SSR will contact them to inform them of our decision.

A client

A client photo

Our e-mail address will be listed on the Adopt-A-Pet page of the foster dog. Please remember that every person is a potential candidate to adopt a dog or to become a foster home. Your contact with people is a vital part of how we obtain applications. Every e-mail is important as we get many applications and foster homes this way. If you speak with the person and like them, then see if they want to be a foster home. Word of mouth, previous adoptions and the website are how we get our applications.

Thank you again so much for being a foster home for Schnauzer Savers Rescue, Inc. Without Foster Homes, we could not find these wonderful dogs their forever homes. We appreciate everything you do and look forward to having you as part of our rescue. With all of us working together, we can help these rescued dogs find the loving home they deserve.

— Angie Clarke

Fostering Application

Application Instructions: Please complete all questions on this form, so we may find out more about you and your family. If the question does not apply, please answer with N/A. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Home Information

Please list vets in the last 5 years below.
I authorize my vet and staff to speak to a representative of Schnauzer Savers Rescue.

Please supply three (3) personal references NOT including your Vet or Family members.

If dog needs emergency vet care you MUST contact us immediately upon arrival to the ER so SSR can speak with the vet about the care and cost.

If the foster OR foster to adopt does not work out you MUST be willing to drive the dog back to SSR, no paid transport or 3rd parties.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT PROMISE WHEN YOU FOSTER IF A DOG IS HOUSE OR CRATE TRAINED, GOOD WITH CHILDREN OR ANIMALS OR THEIR BEHAVIOR. RESCUE STRIVES TO TAKE IN SCHNAUZERS, SCHNAUZER MIXES AND ALL NON-SHED BREEDS, BUT WE CANNONT GUARANTEE ANIMAL WILL NOT SHED. we do our best to gather any information prior to the intake of any dog. We take them healthy, sick, (heartworm positive), nervous, scared and needing love. As a foster, we ask you to treat this dog with loving, kind and gentle care. We ask that you socialize the dog as much as possible, tell us how they ride in the car, get along with people, kids, being left alone, and training of any kind and allow the dog to renew their life through you. SSR pays for all vet & dental care and pays for all medications. As a foster, you’ll be expected to feed our dogs a very good quality food and if they need to be groomed perhaps you can cover that. If you cannot provide their grooming, we will pay for that as well after proof of the services which were rendered via PayPal directly to you. Any supplies a dog may need: bed, toys, blanket, food/water bowl, etc., the rescue can pay for this but many of our rescues pay themselves. Anything you spend on a rescue dog for SSR is tax deductible. At the end of the year you will send me an email with a list of itemized expenses. You will receive a letter of donation from us to use for your tax return. Please keep all your receipts in the event you are ever audited by IRS, they will ask for proof of donations.
Important Notice of Temperament:
Rescue makes no explicit or implicit guarantees in reference to the health and/or temperament of the dog. The dog is fostered "as is" and the foster assumes all responsibility for treatment of any and all existing conditions or any other conditions of physical or temperament changes that may occur. SSR will provide the dog with the basic vaccines and heartworm test before adoption if the age and current health of the dog permits. While the SSR makes every effort to place only healthy animals, SSR cannot guarantee the health of any animal and shall not be held responsible for any medical expenses which may be incurred, hereby expressly excluding any implied or express warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, including, without limitation, any warranties regarding health, temperament or whether the animal is housebroken.
I understand, if for ANY reason, this dog does NOT work out, I will return it to Schnauzer Savers Rescue. I understand that I do not have the right to place the dog in another home, shelter or any other facility. The foster agrees to pay SSR the sum of $500 as liquidated damages in the event the terms of this contract are breached: this liquidated damage value does not bar SSR from seeking the return of the dog by judicial process or other legal means if necessary. If legal action is instituted, the Foster agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees and court costs. Thank you for completing this application form.
By typing your name below you are providing an electronic signature certifying that the information you have provided on this form is true and accurate and that you agree to the terms and conditions put forward.

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